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Video Capture Cards

Ranging from 4K capture, to small profile cards, EMS have a solution to meet all requirements.

Xtreme Features

EMS’s Xtreme range of capture cards provide high performance features which allow for unparalleled flexibility and use in a wide variety of applications.

XtremeLC Range

For applications that do not require MultiStream clients, the EMS LC range of capture cards are the perfect choice. Available in single channel HDMI, dual channel HDMI and single channel SDI, the EMS LC range is ideal for adding to a lecture capture or medical system.


XtremeRT Range

The XtremeRT series also offers an on-board alpha blending capability, allowing a secondary source of frames to be overlaid on to the outgoing display in real time. The optional use of an overlay watchdog ensures that the application supplying the overlay is in constant control. If any problems are detected the card will ensure integrity of the primary signal by preventing the overlay from obscuring the live signal.

XtremeDV Range

The future of the AV industry is 4K. The XtremeDV range, made up of DisplayPort1.2, SDI and HDMI inputs offers 4K capture up to 60 frames per second, 10-bit colour transfer and HDCP compliance. The range is ideal for a variety of markets where high end video capture is needed, including Medical, Broadcast, Defence and Security.

XtremeAV Range

The XtremeAV range is all about built-in, synchronised, audio capture, making the cards ideal for lecture capture, web casting and video conferencing.

XtremeRGB Range

EMS’s XtremeRGB range covers a wide array of applications such as lecture capture, medical imaging and video conferencing. The XtremeRGB range consists of PCIe cards with DVI or SDI inputs, all of which can be used in a VSN system if needed.

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