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Dedicated decoding card

  • Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • On-board SQX decoding engine
  • 800 Mb/s from each Ethernet ‘input’

Decode multiple streams simultaneously:

  • Up to three 4096x2160p at 30 fps
  • Six 1920x1080p at 60 fps / 12 at 30 fps
  • 50+D1 resolution streams @ 30fps
  • Maximum will depend on H.264 profiles and levels of incoming media


Xtreme-ActiveSQX – Dedicated decoding card

Professional AV solutions require video to be received from a great many different sources and locations. The ability to receive and display video directly from online resources such as CCTV networks and remote desktop applications. Combining them with local inputs has become an everyday part of fully functional video wall display.

The Xtreme-ActiveSQX PCIe plug in card is a powerful addition to systems that require a scalable hardware based decoding solution.

The Xtreme-ActiveSQX is a half length PCI-Express plug in card with two Gigabit Ethernet input nodes supporting real time decode of multiple IP streams. Using the Xtreme-ActiveSQX decoding technology provides the user seamless integration of IP video to a EMS Wall Controller.


Each Xtreme-ActiveSQX card can capture a bandwidth equivalent to twelve 1920×1080 @30Hz streams on to any wall controller that uses EMS graphics cards. The number of streams the Xtreme-ActiveSQX provides depends on a number of factors such as the decoder profile used. Each card uses a single PCIe slot, is passively cooled and can easily be added to a system already using EMS technology without the need to change existing configuration or front end software.

This transparent software model enables the number of supported IP streams to be scaled up quickly according to the user requirements. Xtreme-ActiveSQX also automatically balances the total decoding workload
across all Xtreme-ActiveSQX cards in the system, allowing thermal power consumption to be distributed more efficiently.

SQX technology has been designed to work alongside the EMS Xtreme range of capture cards supporting a mixture of local and remote capture feeds on the same display. IP Streams are displayed on the video wall in the same way as captured video sources. SQX functionality is compatible with many existing window features.


Board FormatPCIe x4 Gen.2 plug-in card half length, full height
Connectors2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1 x DisplayPort output connector (reserved for future use)
EthernetDual 1000 Base-T Ethernet ports DHCP or Static IP support IPv4 & IPv6
Streaming MethodsMulticast & Unicast support
Streaming CodecsH.264 (Mpeg4 Part 10 AVC), VC-1, MPEG2 Part 2, MJPEG
Streaming ContainersMPEG4 part 1, MPEG2-TS, WMV, MOV
Streaming ProtocolsHTTP, RTSP, RTP, UDP
Decode DensityUp to 3x4096x2160p @ 30fps or 6x1920x1080p @ 60fps / 12 x 1080p @ 30 fps or 10 x 1080i @ 30fps / 50+ D1 @ 30 fps
Stream AuthenticationBasic & Digest Stream Authentication
Video Capture Memory4 GB
H.264 ProfilesConstrained Baseline Profile (CBP) / Main Profile (MP)/ High Profile (HiP)
H.264 LevelsLevel 3/ 3.1/ 4/ 4.1/ 4.2/ 5/ 5.1/ 5.2
Colour FormatNV12 4:2:0
DMA EngineDirect DMA to physical or virtual memory buffers with full scatter-gather support DMA bandwidth: up to 1.3 GB/s
ScalingHardware downscaling prior to DMA transfer. One to One (1:1) transfer for upscale after DMA
CarouselIP Window carousel supported including the hardware based pre-buffering of IP decodes for smoother playback
OS SupportWindows 7 64 bit/ Server 2012
Power RequirementsMax current at +3.3 - 0.6A (TBC)
Max current at +12V - 0.80A (TBC)
Max power ≈ 12W (TBC)
Operating Temperature0 to 40 °C/ 32 to 104 °F
Storage Temperature-20 to 70 °C/ -4 to 158 °F
Relative Humidity5% to 90% non-condensing
Warranty3 years



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