EMS XtremeRGB-Ex4+, FIVE Video Capture Channels on a single PCIe Card from HD to Composite


EMS XtremeRGB-Ex4+, FIVE Video Capture Channels on a single PCIe Card from HD to Composite.

Inherently many applications require various video signal capture from video sources such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite or S-Video. The fundamental problem has been to install various vendor capture cards with differing software drivers and development tools. EMS has now produced an all-in-one multi channel capture card that enables you to connect and capture simultaneously any of the most popular video source standards, and non-standard video via the DVI channel.

The XtremeRGB-Ex4+ video capture card provides up to five independent input channels - all captured simultaneously. The capture sources can range from High Definition 1920x1080p to composite PAL/NTSC 768x576. All this in a single PCI-Express slot with Multi-Card support!

The innovative features of the Ex4+ card make it the ideal choice for applications such as: 

  • Video streaming (single and multi-channel)
  • Multi input video capture
  • Corporate video communications
  • Distance learning
  • Multi input video surveillance (security)
  • Video presentations & Video wall displays
  • Desktop video conferencing
  • Security frame grabber
  • General purpose multi input frame grabber


The Ex4+ card works with all encoder applications such as Windows Media Encoder 9, Adobe Connect, VLC, Watchout, Sony Vegas etc.... 
Now you can get professional quality and features at a cost-effective price for video display, capture or streaming application.


Multi-Card Support
By using additional PCI-Express expansion slots, multiple Ex4+ cards can be installed within a single PC system. As an example if two cards are installed then up to 10 video sources can be captured simultaneously (2x DVI/HDMI/VGA or Component and 8x Composite/Svideo).

Software Development
For custom software development we have included source code examples in our Software Development Kit (SDK) and for DirectShow applications - all provided free of charge.

Driver Support
Software driver support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 & 2008, 32 & 64bit.

About: Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd
Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd (EMS), specializes in the field of video capture and computer graphics/video wall display hardware.  The company has operated exclusively in these areas since it was founded in 1992. EMS hardware is designed for the system integrators, OEM’s, and developers. Our company products are solutions for the capture, recording, broadcasting, streaming, display and printing of virtually any video signal or computer monitor screen output. please visit our website at http://www.ems-imaging.com or phone int. +44 116 2775730, U.K: 0116 2775730 for further details.

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