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    The Xtreme4 video wall designer is a dedicated software application for the EMS Imaging range of multi display controllers. The user can design large or small creative video walls quickly and easily without the need for complex calculations.
    The Xtreme4 wall designer will require either the Xtreme4vs or the Xtreme4fx

    Main Window
    The main window displays a representation of the wall design layout. Any Monitor, from any manufacturer can be added and positioned in portrait or landscape to construct creative video display walls.
    For ease of viewing the mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out. Thicker black lines in the main window indicate the X and Y axis.
    The 4vs Designer application has three modes of operation:

    • MONITORS - Select monitors and create a video wall design
    • INPUTS - Configure an input and allocate regions for capture
    • DEVICES - Configure device outputs to display monitors

    The toolbar on the right hand side of the application window offers a group of tools which can assist in creating, opening and saving layouts.The user can also undo actions, display actual video wall measurements in metric or imperial, centre the window and print designs. For detailed accuracy there are Snap to Grid and Snap to Monitor tools.



    Monitor Selection

    4vs Designer includes a database containing a selection of the more commonly used monitor manufacturers and models. Use the manufacturer and models dropdown list to select a specific monitor. When selected, the Monitor Properties are automatically populated with the specification of the monitor. Both dropdown lists have colour coded text, black text indicates that the monitors are part of the default database and blue text indicates the monitors have been added or modified by the user.


    The Inputs section of the application allows the user to attach an input and allocate regions to each monitor on the display wall. Note that in the INPUTS window the monitors are in a fixed position and cannot be moved. To change the position and layout of the monitors return to the MONITORS window.

    Select Create to generate a new input and the monitor representation will be overlaid with a sample default source (logo) contained within the applications media folder. The sample overlay is displayed centrally to fit the configuration of the monitors. However, the user can reposition and resize the input by clicking and dragging it with a mouse. The created input is added to the Inputs dropdown list.

    The 4vs Designer application supports the following file extensions:
    • Images = .jpg, .png and .bmp
    • Video = .mp4, .avi, .ogg and .webm


    The DEVICES window is where the input, hardware devices and monitors are linked to complete the design of the video wall; this is done by allocating inputs to devices and the outputs from the devices to specific monitors on the video wall.

    For ease of use the Auto-config function will, when clicked, automatically add devices and configure all the links from the inputs to the monitors via the device in the most logical configuration. However if you want to configure everything manually then follow the steps listed in Add Device.

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