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Xtreme4fx – 4K input, four HD outputs


Up to UHD / 4K60 input, four HD 1080p outputs

  • Rotates, crops, scales, mirrors and bezel corrects
  • Multiple unputs for flexible connectivity (DualHDMI1.4 or single DisplayPort1.2 inputs)
  • HDCP support on all inputs and outputs
  • 4Fx can adapt to changes in inputs by adjusting all scale factors
  • Network or USB interfaces allow platform


Xtreme4fx – Videowall Controller 4K input, four HD outputs

Revolutionize Your Video Wall Display 

This next-generation multi-display video wall controller Xtreme4fx offers four outputs and three inputs from a single box, leading to a myriad of possibilities for the end user.

Among many exceptional features, the high performance EMS Xtreme4fx video wall controller is capable of DisplayPort 1.2 capture at 4K/UHD at 60fps and HDMI 1.4 4K capture at 30fps. All inputs and outputs support HDCP content and can be programmed and controlled independently through either a local USB connection or the on-board network interface. Developed for true stand-alone operation, the non-volatile operation of the EMS 4fx can adapt to input changes by automatically adjusting all scale factors. The intuitive user interface allows customers to determine which input is used.

The EMS Xtreme4fx 4k video wall controller is suitable for projects of all sizes. Featuring high bandwidth DisplayPort1.2 loop-through, any of the device’s inputs can be daisy chained to build video walls of the largest scale imaginable. With dual Ethernet port capability, only one EMS Xtreme4fx video wall controller in the chain requires connection to the physical LAN as Ethernet loop-through is supported on the second port, meaning multiple devices can be connected. Despite the potential size of installations that can be created using the EMS 4fx, the company has engineered the device to offer its simplest installation to date.
Ultimately, the EMS Xtreme4fx has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for design freedom in creating and deploying small, medium and large scale signage projects. Here, with the assistance of EMS’s Wall Designer software, even the most creative video walls can be produced with ease.  This hugely popular multi-screen design tool has been updated specifically to incorporate the EMS Xtreme4fx.

Xtreme4fx - Videowall Controller 4K input, four HD outputs

Xtreme4fx - Videowall Controller 4K input, four HD outputs

3 Input Choices

The Xtreme4Fx wall processor features a DisplayPort1.2 main input and two HDMI1.4 inputs. The intuitive UI allows users to determine which input is used.


Genlocked Input

A dedicated BNC connector allows users to SYNC with third party hardware.

Loop Through

A dedicated DisplayPort1.2 loop through output allows users to link multiple devices. Specifically designed prevent the loss of resolution, the original capture signal remains unchanged.

Network Connectivity

The EMS Xtreme4Fx has dual ethernet ports to allow users to add the device to their networks. Only one EMS 4fx  in the chain requires connection to the physical LAN as ethernet loop through is supported on the second port, meaning multiple devices can be connected.

Output Features
The outputs comprise a choice of four genlocked HDMI or DisplayPort HD 1080p connections. Each output monitor can take its input from any region of the input image as all of the required cropping, scaling, rotation and frame-rate conversion is handled by the EMS 4fx hardware. These regions can overlap to permit any output to replicate another, or can be configured to support any creative splice of the source material. This allows the support of many non-rectangular screen arrangements, as well as any mix of monitor orientations, permitting users to create an almost unlimited multi-monitor canvas.

Xtreme4 – Video Wall Designer Software

The Video Wall Designer software allows users to add displays from the ever-expanding database of monitors. Users can also visualise their content by adding inputs, adjust display regions and instantly program all linked devices. With bezel correction, image rotation, cropping, scaling and mirroring options, as well as the ability to overlap or replicate any splice of the source material, there are limitless creative configurations.
3 Easy Steps !

Select the monitor required

Select the desired monitor from Wall Designers database, or add your own. Mix and match monitors from different manufacturers to suit any configuration.

Create your canvas

Align and rotate each monitor to place it perfectly onto the main canvas. Add your own content and adjust the capture regions accordingly.

Automatic configuration

Connect any number of Multi-Display controllers to your PC or laptop and Wall Designer will automatically programme them. Full monitor EDID management available for timing adjustments.


Xtreme4fx Specification

Dimensions 316x172x42mm (1.86kg)
Operating Temperature 0 – 35°C/ 32 – 96°F
Power Requirements IEC switched and fused mains connectors 100-240V, 50/ 60Hz/ 35W
Video Input Connections DisplayPort1.2 (2160p/ 60 or equivalent up to 616 MP/s) 2x HDMI1.4 (2160p/ 30 or equivalent up to 297 MP/s
Video Output Connections HDMI version: 4 x HDMI1.4 (1080p/ 60 or equivalent up to 165 MP/s) DisplayPort version: 4 x DP1.1 (1080p/ 60 or equivalent up to 165 MP/s) Loop-through (both versions): DisplayPort1.2 (locked to selected video input resolution)
Input Surface 8k x 8k maximum
Genlock Input Analogue black-burst on dedicated BNC connector. Any video input (HDMI1, HDMI2, DisplayPort)
Control Interfaces Dual 100BaseT Ethernet ports with inbuilt managed switch. USB2.0 Type B connector (full speed operation)
Firmware Support Updates supported via USB and Ethernet connection
Storage -20 to 70°C
Relative Humidity 5% – 90% non-condensing
Warranty 3 years


We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.



Xtreme4fx HDMI 4K Video Wall Controller        
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