RMA Procedure

a) If your EMS product is not working as you expect, we recommend that you contact EMS Ltd in the first instance for support, since many issues that may first appear as hardware fault, are actually installation or set-up problems and can normally be resolved without having to ship any hardware back to us. This route is therefore often the quickest, easiest and cheapest way of solving the problems that you are experiencing. Please email sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including as much detail regarding the failure as possible (for example: system description, signal types, input or output resolutions and any other relevant background information).

b) It is essential for you to know the serial number of the product(s) when contacting us.

c) If it appears that the fault is most likely to be hardware related, please email sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the serial number and as much additional information regarding the nature of the failure as possible. Detailed explanation of the fault will help us to better identify the problem and will direct additional focused testing if necessary. We will then issue an "RMA Number" to you.

d) At the time that the "RMA Number" is issued we will inform you of the warranty status of the product and if out of warranty the cost of the repair. The product should then be returned, at your cost, too EMS Ltd following the steps below.

e) There are 4 possible situations when a product is returned to us: 

  • The product is in warranty and is either found to be genuinely faulty or no fault is found. In these cases, the product will be repaired as necessary, or replaced by a new or previously repaired product, and returned to you at our cost.

  • The product is out of warranty and is found to be faulty. The product will be repaired, or replaced, at fixed cost as stated in the RMA authorisation email. To cover this payment, you will be required to either provide a Purchase Order or Credit Card details, when the product is returned to us.  However, we will not issue an invoice or charge the credit card until the repair has been completed and is about to be returned to you) 

  • The product is in warranty but is found to be damaged by mis-use. This will make the warranty void and the repair charges will apply. 

  • The product is out of warranty and is obsolete. In the unlikely situation that the product can be neither repaired nor replaced, because some of it's components are obsolete and we have no swap-out stock left, then the product will either be returned to you, or disposed of at your request, with no charge.

f) Once the RMA Number has been issued, you need to raise your Purchase Order, or supply your credit card details, and return the product to: EMS Ltd, 94A Saffron Road, S. Wigston, Leics., LE18 4UN, United Kingdom - securely packed and with the RMA Number clearly displayed on the outside of the box. To prevent unnecessary carriage and handling please only send back products or accessory items you believe to be faulty.

g) In the case of mis-use, the fixed charge will be levied after we have seen the product and identified the mis-use. In this case we will request you to issue a purchase order or provide credit card details before any repairs are completed.

h) Our policy is to return the repair (or swap-out) to you within 10 working days of receipt.