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  • The professional AV market has begun to adopt 4K UHD technologies, with integrators and system builders demanding higher performance and greater resolutions in the video that they are working with.

    The EMS XtremeDV-DP2 offers video professionals the ability to simultaneously capture multiple 4K, Ultra High Definition, video feeds each at 60 frames per second. Developed as part of the XtremeDV family of capture cards, the Vision-SC-DP2 offers unmatched capture performance and reliability.

    •      Two independant Display Port 1.2 Capture channels
    •      Eight lane PCIe Gen.3 interface, Net 6.4 GB/s total capture bandwidth
    •      Frame buffer memory 768 MB
    •      Up to 8k x 8k capture resolution available at lower frame rates*.

    Key Features

    LiveStream Technology

    •      Low latency video and audio capture minimizes the delay prior to post processing


    •      Open and independently control multiple instances of the same capture from a single input source

    Powerful hardware scaler
    •      Adjust the incoming video size to your requirements

    Text and bitmap overlay
    •      Overlay text and images onto the capture buffer

    Automatic video signal detection
    •      Accurate signal detection for all signal sources.

    *  8K x 8K at lower frame rates supported based on preliminary testing. Further testing to be scheduled on availability of 8k sources.

    cd XtremeRGB Software
    The XtremeRGB is supplied with a stand-alone software application, simply connect your external DVI or Analog source into the card, run the XtremeRGB application to automatically detect the video source format and display the captured video in a window on your desktop. For multiple inputs the application can be executed multiple times, each capture is displayed in its own independent desktop window. The captured video data is displayed in a desktop window with/without menu/borders, can be resized up/down, overlapped and/or maximized to full screen display.
    The EMS application also enables you to configure the timing and format of the input sources as well as brightness, contrast, hue etc ...  

    filmstrip XtremeRGB Streaming
    For streaming applications EMS include WDM drivers, hence any Directshow compatible software can be used such as, Windows Media Encoder/Expression, VLC, Vidblaster, HDwave, Watchout, Adobe Connect etc ...
    The XtemeRGB-Ex1 is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of DVI/HDMI/VGA or Component sources in real-time.

    softwareSoftware Development Kit (SDK) for developers/integrators
    The XtremeRGB is supplied with a powerful SDK for own application development, many source code examples are included to help reduce the development time.
    Also included are Directshow source code examples.

  • Capture two Display Port streams in a single capture card


    Dual Channel Video Capture
    Channel 1: DisplayPort 1.2 (RBR/HBR/HBR2)
    Channel 2: DisplayPort 1.2 (RBR/HBR/HBR2)

    Audio Capture

    DisplayPort Embedded audio (16-24bit, 32kHz-48kHz)

    EMS Xtreme Performance Driver
    Multiple cards per system, 16 streams per channel
    Frame sync and time stamping Automatic signal detection Direct Show interface EMS RGBEasy API

    Software Capabilities


    Timestamp support for streaming synchronisation:
          Synchronisation of multiple inputs across multiple cards
          Synchronise systems using network clock synchronisation
          For edge blending and other applications 

    Flexible and configurable EDID Management:

           Allows programming of custom EDID parameters for capture cards 

    Low Input to Output Capture Latency

    DMA to third party graphics vendors back and front buffers via Direct3D

          Compatibility with AMD DirectGMA
          Compatibility with Nvidia GPUDirect 

    User Mode filter for source selection

           Enables cropping support in DirectShow on all inputs
          Supports Start and Stop trigger interface on all Visi0n inputs 

    EMS Unified Xtreme Driver

          Multiple cards per system, 16 streams per card
          Frame sync and time stamping 


    XtremeDV-DP2 - Dual DisplayPort 1.2 capture card

    Windows Media Encoder Adobe flash adobe connect hdwave broadcast
    vlc amcap microsoft expression vidblaster
      virtualdub watchout streampix

  • SPECIFICATION of the XtremeDV-DP2 capture card


    Board Format

    PCI-Express x8 plug-in card, 110mm x 177mm (incl heat sync)

    Connectors (main board)

    2 x locking DisplayPort 1.2

    Maximum Capture

    616MPixel/second capture bandwidth per channel providing 2


    x 3840x2160 at 60Hz. Maximum capture surface of 8k x 8k at

    lower frame rates*.

    Frame Buffer


    Input Mode Detection

    Supports SMPTE - 352 Payload Identifiers

    Pixel Transfer Formats

    Polyphase FIR scaling engine (3x3) for hardware downscaling

    and upscaling

    Colour space conversion allows captured data to be

    transferred in any format:

    RGB:5-5-5, 5-6-5 or 8-8-8 (24bit/32bit)

    YUV: 4:2:2, 4:2:0

    MONO: 8bit

    Audio Capture

    Embedded audio capture

    Operating System Support

    Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows

    Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Linux

    Power Requirements

    Max current at 12V – 1.0A

    Max power ≈ 12W

    Operating Temperature

    0 to 35 ºC ( 32 to 96ºF)

    Storage Temperature

    -20 to 70 ºC ( -4 to 158ºF)

    Relative Humidity

    5% to 90% non-condensing


    3 years

    We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.

  • Listed below are all the items included when you order the XtremeDV-HD4 video capture card.

    Xtremedv-dp2 2


    Video Capture Card

    Software / Drivers / User Manual downloadable.    

  • Here you can download our Datasheets, Manuals, Application and Drivers?



    XtremeDV-DP2 Video Capture Card Datasheet



    XtremeDV-DP2 User Manual



    Xtreme range of video capture Application and Install Drivers.

    This applies to the XtremeRGB range and the XtremeSDI-2, XtremeDVI-DL1


     click here to download the Linux driver.




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