News: XtremeVision Display Wall Controller with LIVE video feeds via the XtremeRGB video capture cards


EMS Ltd., November 11, 2010 – The video wall display controller technology has been a challenge for media professionals, broadcaster’s and corporate businesses worldwide. It is all very well having a large screen videowall, however the current market requirements demand the ability to capture various external video sources and display these alongside your PC content on to the video or multi-screen display. The ability to capture and display live content from digital or analog video equipment in a cost effective manner is critical for many personal or business applications, including education, training, simulation, broadcasting, scientific & medical imaging, security, transportation and medical applications.  To answer this market need, EMS has produced a range of products the XtremeVision, display wall controller and the XtremeRGB range of capture cards. The “Xtreme” range of products makes it easy for anyone to create a multi-screen environment to display their content in a large screen format with various video sources in crystal-clear definition.


 XtremeVision Video & Graphics Solution



EMS has released the XtremeVision display wall controller for LCD, Plasma TV’s, Projectors or conventional monitors. By using multiple PCIe cards up to 40 screen video wall / multi-screens are supported.

The XtremeVision is a four port graphics controller, each output supports up to full HD ( 1920x1080 ) in 32-bit. A maximum of 10 cards can be installed within a single PC, providing a total of 40 screens. The screen layouts can be in any rectangular configuration, e.g. 1x12, 5x4, 2x10, 7x4 etc…  The outputs supported are for DVI (*HDMI) or analog VGA. Full bezel width and height correction for all types of displays is included.

Video Capture & Display

The XtremeRGB range of video capture cards can capture resolutions from PAL to full HD 1920x1080 (1080p) and can be combined with the XtremeVision wall controller hardware to enable the input & display of DVI, HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite or S-Video signal sources from devices such as PC, Mac, HD camera, Blu-Ray disk player, satellite TV decoder, Games consoles, CCTV, Video Conferencing or any other digital video source. The captured video windows are displayed in independent desktop windows with/without menu/borders, re-sizable up/down, overlapped, picture-in-picture or maximized to all screens of the video wall. The XtremeRGB cards support multi-card operation, hence any combination of the XtremeRGB cards can be installed within a single PC.

Management Control Software
The Video Wall is controlled by our management software “VigiControl” that enables you to layout the video wall with PC applications (powerpoint, internet browser, internet broadcasting/streaming etc…) and captured video windows from the XtremeRGB capture cards. These layout files can then be saved on to your desktop as ‘template’ files for later retrieval. Many video wall layouts can be designed, saved and recalled with a simple double-click of the mouse button. VigiControl is a Server/Client software, hence many clients over the LAN can remotely control the video wall server, e.g move / re-position, open desktop windows, load various layouts etc....

 Electronic  Modular  Solutions Ltd:
Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd (EMS), specialises in the field of video capture and computer graphics/video wall display hardware.  The company has operated exclusively in these areas since it was founded in 1992. EMS hardware is British designed, manufactured and support for the media professionals, system integrators, OEM’s, and developers. Our company products are solutions for the capture, recording, broadcasting, streaming, display and printing of virtually any video signal or computer monitor screen outputplease visit our website at or phone int. +44 116 2775730, U.K: 0116 2775730 for further details.


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