Eyepartner Releases Free HD Broadcaster Optimized for EMS XtremeRGB Capture Cards


Eyepartner Releases Free HD Broadcaster Optimized for EMS XtremeRGB Capture Cards

MARATHON, FL., November 1, 2010 – Broadcasting LIVE HD video from your Desktop has been a challenge for media professionals, broadcasting networks and corporate businesses worldwide. The ability to capture and manipulate still or motion picture from digital or analog video equipment is mission-critical for many personal or business applications, including education, training, simulation, broadcasting, scientific & medical imaging, security, transportation and forensic applications.   To answer this market need, Eyepartner has developed a product called “The HD Wave” that runs on off-the-shelf PC’s.  With a simple to use click-and-stream interface, The HD Wave makes it easy for anyone to broadcast their content in crystal-clear High Definition. Amazingly, this broadcaster only requires a PC, a free HD Wave download and a regular broadband connected to an HD video source in order to broadcast in HD.


 Eyepartner has released an optimized version for the XtremeRGB HD Capture Cards. This was done to provide an easy to use system that delivers the highest quality of broadcasting imaginable.  It is possible to broadcast any video source, live or static image, to the user’s captured source such as, HD camera, Blu-Ray disk player, hard drive, satellite decoder any other video source.

The way it works is the XtremeRGB-Ex1 receives the feed from the video source which can be DVI, HDMI, VGA or Component (adapters included) and then the feed is sent to The HD Wave where it is encoded and broadcasted over the internet.  All of this is done in real time and delivering an HD stream from glass to glass in under 3 seconds.

The HD Wave may be installed using the free download from www.TheHDWave.com.   Simply connect your external video source into the card, launch The HD Wave and select the XtremeRGB as the video source. This will display the captured video in the preview window on your desktop and enable you to broadcast live in HD. The HD Wave also allows a user to record the video at high frame rates and play it back using a TikiLIVE portal.  The HD Wave allows the user to specify the video format (up to 1080i/p) at 60 frames per second, bit rate as well as different quality settings of encoding profiles.  These features maximize our user’s ability to conform to their individual broadcasting needs. 

A dual channel option is available in the XtremeRGB-Ex2. This allows for a second video source to be connected into the same computer.  Uses include multiple camera angles, picture in picture, video-switching and other simultaneous split-screen applications. 


About Eyepartner:
Eyepartner is a privately-held company based in Marathon, Florida and has been developing and implementing solutions to clients worldwide.  Eyepartner is a streaming media software development company as well as a rich media hosting and CDN provider.  Established in 2007, Eyepartner delivers turn-key and custom social broadcasting solutions, entertainment portals and have delivered enterprise, education, advertising and government solutions.  For more information, including co-branding OEM opportunities, please visit our website at http://www.Eyepartner.com/ or call: 305.289.4557.


About Electronic  Modular  Solutions Ltd:
Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd, specialises in the field of video capture and computer graphics/video wall display hardware.  The company has operated exclusively in these areas since it was founded in 1992. EMS hardware is designed for the system integrators, OEM’s, and developers. Our company products are solutions for the capture, recording, broadcasting, streaming, display and printing of virtually any video signal or computer monitor screen output. Please visit our website at http://www.ems-imaging.com for further details.


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