XtremeRGB Application


The Xtreme, range of capture cards are powerful RGB, DVI and Video capture cards for the desktop PC. The cards display the output from a RGB, DVI or video source as a window on the desktop of your PC. Using the XtremeRGB range of video capture cards?separate RGB and DVI data sources can be connected simultaneously with the ability to switch between them quickly and easily.

The XtremeRGB-Ex4+ and Ex8 cards capture up to 4+1xHD and 8 Composite/S-Video inputs respectively in any mix of NTSC/ PAL and SECAM

The XtremeRGB software application provided with the capture card allows the RGB, DVI signal, Composite/S-Video inputs to be captured and displayed on your desktop.

The application also allows you to save windows as templates called .RGB files. These files can then be used to recreate the XtremeRGB windows. RGB files can also be used with the?split windows functionality. This allows you to divide a XtremeRGB window into a set of sub-windows, each displaying a cropped portion of the image in the original window.

A DirectShow interface may also be used to stream video across a network or save the video to disk. A DirectShow application can be used to display the stream or the video that has previously been saved.

The supplied drivers and software require that you are using:

  • A Pentium PCI bus computer.
  • Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8.
  • CD ROM Drive.

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