EMS Software Video capture, video wall controller



Digital video recording solution that allows you to record live un-compressed or compressed video, Record from multiple sources simultaneously.

XtremeRGB Application

The XtremeRGB software application provided with the capture card allows the RGB, DVI signal, Composite/S-Video inputs to be captured and displayed on your desktop.


Audio Video recorder

PhynxVCR is a Windows 2000/XP/7 intended universal video/audio recording program.

Xtreme4 Video Wall Designer


Xtreme4 Video Wall Designer is a dedicated software application for the EMS Imaging range of multi display controllers. The user can design large or small creative video walls quickly and easily without the need for complex calculations.

VigiControl Wall Control Software

wc10 withmonitor sm

VigiControl enables you to launch and organize your PC application windows across a network on another machine or locally on the same machine and...