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VigiControl – Video Wall Control Software


VigiControl 10 
Wall Control Software for the XtremeVision-Pro+

Video wall deployments require a number of users to interact simultaneously with a large number of inputs across a multiple screens to
get the data where they require.

VigiControl 10 wall controller software provides users with the interface required to quickly and effectively manage content that include video captures, IP streams and local applications. Users are able to place any input source on any part of the Video Wall using a simple drag and drop operation. Precise positioning of each piece of content can be achieved through the mouse and keyboard, or via the revolutionary template tool.

The Template Tool allows users to not only place their own templates across an entire wall which evenly distributes content but VigiControl 10
also allows users to apply a template to an individual window so multiple windows can be grouped together and moved as a single item.

VigiControl 10 also introduces a tabbed interface that will allow a single user to seamlessly manage multiple video walls, users can see unique walls
side by side to ensure continued smooth operation of walls.

VigiControl 10 will allow any piece of content, whether from a EMS capture card, IP via the PC processor or an ActiveSQX card or local media
to be placed in anywhere on a video wall. VigiControl 10 also allows administrators to deploy multiple unique videos walls from a single EMS VSN system.

Using User Rights Management administrators can determine which users on their network can firstly access each wall and secondly determine what level of permission each user will have. Restrictions can include the number of sources and layout files available to each user, which templates they can deploy and whether the desktop capture is available or not.

VigiControl 10 allows multiple walls to be delivered by a single VSN system. Walls in separate areas of a building can be independently driven from a single location.

Multiple walls can be easily set up using the wall creator wizard and if required each wall can be assigned a unique set of sources or video resources.

User rights management can be deployed on each VSN system. Users can be assigned roles on a per wall basis based on their Windows log in, with each role allowing access to a subset of sources or layout files. A user may have unrestricted access on Wall 1 but be confined to pre-determined layouts on Wall 2.

VigiControl 10 allows users to create templates that subdivide the video wall. Users can drop content into
each area and the content will automatically fill the template space. Users can also use templates on active
Windows to create groups of content that can all be moved, resized and managed together.

VigiControl 10 allows users to position any piece of content anywhere on the video wall. The content can
cross multiple screens, or multiple pieces may be seen in a single screen. VigiControl 10 allows content to be
received from EMS capture cards, IP streams, VNC sources, local videos and image files as well as allowing
browser windows to be opened and positioned on the wall.

VigiControl 10 will allow users to effectively decode IP streams using either the onboard processor or dedicated EMS ActiveSQX decode card(s).

VigiControl 10 includes support for VNC, that will allow remote user desktops to be delivered to the videowall via a network interface.

Windows 7, Windows 10.

VigiControl 10 software is available in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish.


H.264 Mpeg4 (Part 10 AVC), Mpeg4 Part 2 & MJPEG

IPv4, IPv6


HTTP, RTSP,& MPEG2-TS support Multicast & Unicast

Order Code: VigiControl 10 Standard Fully featured VigiControl software with the ability to decode up to 8 IP streams*.

Order Code: VigiControl 10 Pro As above PLUS MultiWall capability, User Rights Management and the ability to decode as many IP streams as the available hardware will allow.


VigiControl 10 Standard
VigiControl 10 software provides users with the interface needed to quickly and effectively manage video walls of any size in real-time.

  • Create templates and produce zones on your video wall for easy placement of content.
  • Deploy templates over a single screen, multiple screens or an entire video wall.
  • Template a window to group multiple pieces of content together.
  • Decode up to 8 IP streams.





VigiControl 10 Pro
VigiControl 10 Pro edition has been designed for companies with larger scale video wall operations. It is ideal for installations, which have multiple video walls, which require a greater number of IP decode streams, or would like distinct levels of access to the video wall.

  • MultiWall – Multiple walls can be viewed on a single VigiControl 10 interface or screen. Users are able to add and remove content as necessary.
  • User Rights Management – Users can be assigned access rights on a per wall basis. Individual roles can be granted differing permissions to affect the changes that can be made to a given wall.
  • Unlimited IP SQX sources – Decode as many IP SQX streams as the installed hardware will allow.


VigiControl 10 Wall Control Software    
DatasheetVersion: n/aDate: n/aDOWNLOAD
User ManualVersion: 1.5.0Date: n/aDOWNLOAD
Software/DriversVersion: 1.7.0Date: 10 Jan 2019DOWNLOAD

Advanced Video Wall Control Technology

  • For more information see the datasheet