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NDI Products


The power of n.

NewTek’s groundbreaking NDI technology is the foundation of our Advanced IP Workflow. Anyone can implement NDI to enable systems and devices to connect and communicate over IP networks, creating an IP-based production environment with shared access to video, audio, and data. In this interconnected production ecosystem, NDI-enabled systems and devices can serve as video sources, destinations, or both.

Countless Sources

With NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow, producers can send and receive content from any enabled video source connected to the same network—with an exponential twist: our “network effect” also recognizes the inputs and outputs of other systems and makes them available for use in your production. Include more sources—from anywhere on the network—and maximize your creative potential.

Beyond Boundaries

The physical factors of space, distance, and access are no longer obstacles. You don’t have to directly connect components, route inputs and outputs, run audio and video cables between locations, or submit to the limitations of conventional hardware. With NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow, your video infrastructure is simplified, with only a network connection required to bridge locations and production gear.

Pristine Quality

Our native encoding process, perfected over years of developing software-driven live production systems, delivers content in any resolution and format as low-latency, frame-accurate video virtually indiscernible from the signal viewed directly from the camera.

Minimal Bandwith

Unlike other emerging IP architectures that require substantial bandwidth requirements for even a single, point-to-point video stream, a GigE network infrastructure easily accommodates multiple video streams with NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow. And with a high-bandwidth infrastructure in place, you have the capacity to expand your workflow exponentially, compared to only supporting an additional source or two.


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