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IP Capture Encode/Decoder

XtremeIP-SQX Products

XtremeIP-SQX is EMS’s collective name for video streaming & compression technologies. EMS’s SQX products open up a world of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage whilst maintaining the ability to easily scale projects from the management of a a single stream to full inclusive systems that accommodate a wide array of inputs and outputs streaming from a variety of sources to a number of destinations.

EMS’s range of Active SQX technologies gives customers the power to handle video to meet the needs of the Professional AV market. At the heart of Active SQX is the ability to take video and encode it for streaming or remote storage and to decode compressed data for use on a video wall or monitor. The EMS Active SQX technology portfolio offers series of products that can either work alone or as part of a much wider system to manage a vast amount of video in ways customers require.

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