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EMS Geo-403 EMS Geo-403 for creative regular or irregular video walls 3 input ports to support HDMI, DVI, Displ.. Product #: G-403 Regular price: $845.00 $845.00 2 - 3 Days

EMS Geo-403

Product Code: G-403
Availability: 2 - 3 Days (Product will be available at: 03-03-2016)

Price: 845.00 GBP

Professional pure hardware video wall controller with flexible input connections HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, YPbPr signals and video switcher function. 
HDMI output loop to enable multiple units to be cascaded, so no need for splitter units. 
PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side) multi-content function.
No PC is required, setup via dip switches or use the included Remote Controller for OSD access, low entry barrier, flexible and reliable. 
Below features are integrated in different models:

  • True 10-bits 4:4:4 full sampling high end video processor with 3D motion adaptive de-interlace.
  • Multiple inputs for connection with PC, Blue Ray, Media player, Game console...
  • One processor controls up to 4 LCD and can be cascaded up to 15x15 matrix displays.
  • Support up to 4k/2k @30Hz or 2560x1600/3840x1080 @60Hz input signals.
  • Pixel by pixel bezel compensation.Ÿ   Arbitrary cropping any image area and display.
  • Up to +_900 pixels 4 edge overlap setting for irregular video wall and projector edge blending.
  • Flexible aspect ratio adjustment. Display 2.35:1 movie on 16:9 display without blanking borders.
  • Image 180° flip to support traditional TV installed at upside down position.
  • Support LCD  with different size, resolution, position, rotation angle and bezel size for irregular video wall.
  • Integrated with 4k/2k loop out port for daisy chain connection. No HDMI splitter is required.
  • Geo-403 provides up to 256 preset display modes selected by Dip SW setting with selectable bezel compensation and  PIP/PBP function to allow different contents displayed in the video wall.
  • Any low cost traditional LCD display or TV can be used for video wall application.