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    Advanced Video Compression Technology

    Professional AV solutions require video to be received from a great many diff erent sources and locations.  The ability to receive and display video directly from online resources such as CCTV networks and remote desktop applications and combining them with local inputs has become an everyday part of a fully functional video wall display.  EMS’s XtremeIP-SQX PCIe plug in card is a powerful addition to systems that require a scalable hardware based decoding solution.

    The XtremeIP-SQX includes a dedicated processor capable of decoding several IP streams simultaneously via the on-board ethernet ports.  Fully PCIe compatible, multiple XtremeIP-SQX cards  can be used in a single system to provide project scalability giving users more processing and more simultaneous decodes.

    EMS SQX TECHNOLOGIESEMS’s SQX technology is compatible with industry standards for video compression and streaming.  
    The XtremeIP-SQX allows users to decode large numbers  of high def nition 1080p 60fps streams and multiple XtremeIP-SQX cards reside in a single system to provide even more decoding capabilities.  
    In addition, the XtremeIP-SQX can be placed in systems alongside graphics cards and video capture cards, such as the EMS Xtreme range, to provide a powerful addition to any control room environment. 

  • Key Qualities of the XtremeIP-SQX Decode Card:

    • Dedicated decoding card with dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
    • On-board SQX decoding engine
      • Decode multiple streams simultaneously
        • Up to three 4096x2160p at 30 fps
        • Six 1920x1080p at 60 fps / 12 at 30 fps
        • 50+D1 resolution streams @ 30fps
        • Maximum will depend on H.264 profiles and levels of incoming media
    • 800 Mb/s from each Ethernet 'input'

  • Specification of the XtremeIP-SQX Capture Card:

    Board Format PCIe x4 Gen.2 plug-in card half length, full height
    Connectors 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1 x DisplayPort output connector (reserved for future use)
    Dual 1000 Base-T Ethernet ports DHCP or Static IP support IPv4 & IPv6
    Streaming Protocols
    HTTP, RTSP & MPEG2-TS support Multicast & Unicast support
    Codec Support
    H.264 (Mpeg4 Part 10 AVC), VC-1 (WMV) & MPEG2 Part2 and MJPEG
    Decode Density
    Up to 3x4096x2160p @ 30fps or 6x1920x1080p @ 60fps/ 12 @ 30 fps 50+ D1 @ 30 fps
    De-interlacing Supported
    Video Capture Memory
    4 GB
    H.264 Profiles
    Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP) / Main Profile (MP)/ High Profile (HiP)
    H.264 Levels
    Level 3/ 3.1/ 4/ 4.1/ 4.2/ 5/ 5.1/ 5.2
    Colour Format
    NV12 4:2:0
    DMA Engine
    Direct DMA to physical or virtual memory buffers with full scatter-gather support DMA bandwidth: up to 1.3 GB/s
    Hardware downscaling prior to DMA transfer. One to One (1:1) transfer for upscale after DMA
    IP Window carousel supported including the hardware based pre-buffering of IP decodes for smoother playback
    OS Support Windows 7 64 bit/ Server 2012
    Power Requirements Max current at +3.3 - 0.6A (TBC)
    Max current at +12V - 0.80A (TBC)
    Max power ≈ 12W (TBC)
    Operating Temperature 0 to 40 °C/ 32 to 104 °F
    Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C/ -4 to 158 °F
    Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
    Warranty 3 years
    We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.
  • Models Available of the XtremeIP-SQX Decode Card:

    ProductName/Order Code Description
    XtremeIP-SQX H.264 decoding card with dedicated processor
    Your packing box should contain the following items:

    • An XtremeIP-SQX decoding card
    • Software/Drivers - downloadable

    All products are shipped with the latest software available, unless stated otherwise. Special requirements may be organised by contacting our Sales team.

  • Here you can download our Datasheets, Manuals, Application and Drivers?



    XtremeIP-SQX Video Capture Card Datasheet



    XtremeIP-SQX User Manual



    XtremeIP-SQX Application and Install Drivers.


     click here to download the Linux driver.




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