Xtreme4mx - 4x4 Matrix Wall Controller




  • ems-xtreme4mx
    • HDCP compliant
    • Allows any HDMI display to view any HDMI source at any time
    • Supports 7.1 channel digital audio
    • Supports default HDMI EDID and learns the EDID of displays
    • The matrix master can switch every output channels to any HDMI inputs by push-in button, IR remote control, RS-232 control, and Ethernet control
    • Easy installation with rack-mounting and wall-mounting designs for master and receiver respectively
    • Fast response time for channel switch
    • Four HDMI outputs from 640x480 to 1920x1200
    • Supports HDMI/ DVI input, from 640x480 to 1920x1080@60, interlaced or progressive
    • Resize, position, zoom, rotation, fade-in fade-out output video
    • Each HDMI output has an independent controllable display area
    • User-selectable output settings, up to 1920x1200
    • Image parameters and layouts are automatically saved in flash memory of the device and can be recalled for later use
    • Several Image parameters and layouts can be saved in computers and can be loaded for later use
    • Software control through RS-232 and Ethernet
    • Firmware upgradable for support of new features and technology enhancements
    • 1U size


    The Xtreme4mx 4x4 HDMI Scaler Matrix with video wall function provides the most flexible and cost effective solution in the market to route high definition video sources plus multi-channel (up to 7.1-channel) digital audio from any of the four HDMI sources to the remote displays at the same time. This solution is well suited for use in home theater, conference room presentation systems, or other similar setting or application.

  • Xtreme4vs-1
  • Xtreme4mx-matrix

    Xtreme4mx Wall Designer

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