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EMS Imaging Ltd.  "Advanced Imaging Technology"

Welcome to EMS Imaging and Graphics Technology, your solution to all your visualization needs!


Electronic Modular Solutions offers the best devices to support the visualization and imaging needs of a diverse market. Our products are not just cost-effective, but most of all, also very user-friendly as we strive to support every industry's productivity and efficiency.


We got everything covered!

From image capture to video wall display and management, Electronic Modular Solutions has the right products for your needs. Designed and developed in the U.K., our products cater to all professionals from different industries. Whether you need an imaging device for your control rooms, home media entertainment, digital cinema for a wide audience, business presentations, virtual reality simulations, or even those related in the health, defense, and aerospace industries, count on EMS to deliver the finest technology.


Our Great Products for Your Business Applications

We have a wide range of PCIe video capture cards that are designed to capture images from varying sources such as HDMI, Single and Dual Link DVI, SD-SDI, VGA, Composite, Component, and S-video. The new inclusion to our selection is the USB 3.0 capture unit that allows you to take images from your laptop, notebooks, and any other device with a USB 3.0 interface. It can capture images from HDMI, DVI-I, VGA, and 4x Composite PAL/NTSC. With these devices, you can capture and record simulator screens, product presentations, and other visual data, which you can then stream or display.


Matching our input devices are our great range of Video Display Wall Controllers that brings image presentation into a new level. We have our stand-alone wall controllers for small to medium installations, and then there is our multi-screen controller that gives up to 40 screen outputs.


Easy installation is what we guarantee. Simply install the board and the supplied device driver using Windows video capturing applications (such as VirtualDub or Media Encoder), re-boot the system. After which, the capture cards will be ready to function as you see fit, from recording to displaying and streaming. You can also integrate our SDK or Microsofts DirectX SDK with your own developed application to meet your special needs. Our drivers and applications are available for download from our page.



Do you want to optimize the functions of our devices?, do not hesitate to contact us for support and after-sales service. Our experienced and expert team is ready to be of assistance to any problem you encounter in operating and installing our products. Expect professional advice with the highest level of customer support. We are willing to work with you in answering your queries and providing solutions to your problems.


About Us:

Electronic Modular Solutions is a global visual technology company that aims to provide the solution to all your visualization needs. Our products, designed and developed in the U.K., are ready to meet the demands of professionals from different markets and industries. From home imaging needs to office presentations and large-scale imaging display demands, count on us to have the right products and applications to support your requirements.


EMS strives to be the best visualization partner for a diverse market; hence, we come up with devices that conform to international standards. This simply means one thing: we are giving you freedom! freedom to operate our products with other devices, freedom to choose your next purchase, and freedom to adapt to new technologies.


We offer you cost-effective and user-friendly products without sacrificing quality. In fact, we continuously challenge ourselves to provide you with the best that the current technology can offer and innovate to lead your processes to tomorrow's standards. This is clearly attested for by our wide range of software and hardware products that give solutions to all your imaging and graphics needs.


Your success is our success. We carry this solid reputation of giving our customers only quality products and services a core value that we strive to maintain while we constantly evolve to meet new technologies and market demands.