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You may be asked by our support staff to download the TeamViewer client software in order to allow a remote connection to your machine.  This procedure should only be performed when instructed to do so by a member of the EMS Support Team.


Configuring your machine for a TeamViewer connection:

TeamViewer is a remote desktop configuration program that allows your machine to be used remotely controlled from another machine across the internet.  In order to use TeamViewer the "QuickSupport" client needs to be downloaded and run on your machine.  To download the "QuickSupport" program click the following button:

You may be presented with a warning but this should be discarded.

If you machine has a valid internet connection then a nine digit ID and a four digit password will be displayed on the TeamViewer dialog.  If this information is not displayed then there may be an issue with the internet connection.


Ready to connect:

Email the nine digit ID and the four digit password to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If possible, you should ensure you are at the machine while the connection is being performed.  This will enable our support staff to discuss any connection issues directly with you in real time.  During the connection your machine may need to be rebooted, if so, you may be required to log on to the machine and re-run the TeamViewer "QuickSupport" client.  If TeamViewer is re-started it will produce a new ID and password, this will need to be forwarded to the suport team.